HTML Wireframe Archive

This portfolio contains older examples of of my work in production art and HTML template code. In each case, I started with a static design from a graphic artist. It was my job to translate the flat art into a working HTML wireframe, while preserving the look and feel of the original design concept. The wireframe would then serve as a template for the finished web site. In addition to developing the HTML front-end, I worked with the software engineers to implement database connections, server-side scripts, and other back-end functionality.

The HTML wireframes below are click-through demos. Click any link to move to the next screen. Click the upper left-hand logo on any screen to jump back to the portfolio page.

Pioneer Investments

This ambtious site redesign required coordinated work among a team of dozens. The full HTML wireframe consisted of over 40 pages. Writing code that could be easily understood and accessed by others was crucial to the success of the project.

Merrill Lynch

The modular layout of the pages within this site led to the development of corresponding modular blocks of code. These blocks could then be edited independently, or pulled in and out of pages as needed.

Health Crossroads

A variable-width design was needed to accomodate a large amount of information in a small space. Strategic use of CSS positioning made it possible to add stylistic touches without disrupting the overall layout.


Similar to Health Crossroads, this site needed to fit a lot of information into a relatively small space. The challenge was to implement a design that could accomodate a large amount of database-driven information smoothly, including HTML code from outside sources.


This proposed project for Compaq required a simple, stretchable HTML container designed to hold a variety of different content types.