Alison Frand loves worms. More specifically, Dr. Frand loves studying C. elegans, a microscopic nematode whose genetic makeup makes it an ideal research subject for her lab.

But not everyone understands these tiny worms – or their enormous value to the research community. Labs like Dr. Frand’s need to use every tool at their disposal to explain their research, and engage the widest audience possible, so that their work will continue to receive needed support.

Dr. Frand was looking for a way to highlight the success stories coming out of her lab. I was hired to create a clean, accessible web site that would show the accomplishments of the Frand Lab, while also explaining the basics of its research methodology. Visually, the Frand Lab site also needed to feel like a natural fit with the family of UCLA research sites.

  • Research lab for UCLA professor Alison Frand
  • Colors match UCLA Biological Chemistry graphic identity
  • Responsive design scales gracefully to phones and tablets