Over the course of hundreds of events spanning more than a decade, Sonic Beating has earned a reputation for quality music and impeccable sound.


VJ Zebbler is a crazy-talented video artist – he’s provided eye-popping digital candy for everything from art shows, to concert tours, to Boston’s annual First Night celebration.

Alison Frand loves worms. More specifically, Dr. Frand loves studying C. elegans, a microscopic nematode whose genetic makeup makes it an ideal research subject for her lab.

For over forty summers, the sounds of chamber music have filled the air in western Maine, as world-class musicians play for a devoted audience.

video bleep

Video Bleep is a Boston-based arts collective, specializing in immersive audiovisual experiences. It is best known for its surround-visual dome, a unique way to create and experience real-time video art.

In 2006, the nation’s top mechanical engineering department had an image problem. MIT MechE – a place where excellence is a foregone conclusion – had a web site that wasn’t making the grade.


A combination of organic motion and digital technology, ‘Timbale’ is a new twist on a classic lightshow technique.